How does your experience as a patient – or support person – influence your thinking in healthcare design?

In a recent interview, David Kelley has said “The main tenet of design thinking is empathy for the people you’re trying to design for.” In 2009, I joined Philips Healthcare so that I could work for a company making products that had helped save Alexis’ life.  The video ( brought the patient’s experience into focus and inspired employees in their daily jobs.  As a parent to a deafblind and non-verbal child, I have to be her voice for compassionate care. I have to interpret her body language into meaningful language for doctors and health professionals. I am constantly seeing the world from Alexis’ eyes.

Although I worked in a different area, I made opportunities to view the world through Alexis’ eyes and was inspired by Philips Color Kinetics architectural lighting applications. I worked with cross-functional teams to integrate Philips color-changing LEDs into an educational device for children with visual impairments. Here are two videos about the resulting product and development process: and The biggest lesson for healthcare design is my daughter’s school motto: “All we see is possibility”. In influencing my thinking healthcare design, all I see is possibility.  Given the outstanding presenters and audience, I can see great possibilities coming from  #HXD2013.


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