Whirlwind…. Gathering wind in my sails


Last week, I was honored to attend HXD2013.  It was Healthcare Experience Design – which I think is incredibly important. There is a fabulous interview with David Kelley, one of the founders of IDEO – http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50138327n.  It is a fascinating video into how David and IDEO view and build new ideas with companies.  One of the reasons that I’m so drawn into Healthcare is from our experience.  It’s from how we were welcomed or not welcomed, how we were guided or left in the dark, how we were part of the decision or had decisions made for us, it was how we felt in the process.  The ultimate consequence being already taken by Kaitlyn, Alexis’ identical twin.  And for every ‘experience’ it’s not just a decision – it’s balancing consequences to Alexis’ life.  I work for a company who’s Healthcare motto is to work to save and improve lives – it’s not just about saving lives, it’s about making lives better.  We  have that opportunity today, by helping Healthcare systems work smarter, develop better experiences and help everyone who is experiencing the stress of healthcare live better.  We must embark on that (as my California Valley-girl voice would say “LIKE, YESTERDAY”)

Spending the brief day at HXD2013 was uplifting and engaging. It was fabulously summarized here, http://eventifier.co/event/hxdconf/, I’m sure to post the conference video link when it’s available.  I had the opportunity to meet Regina Holliday, an idol in the Healthcare world, whose husband died way too soon (read great articles here: http://reginaholliday.blogspot.com/  or watch a fabulous video here http://medicinex.stanford.edu/portfolio/medicine-x-day-2-regina-holliday/) She is one amazing woman!  If we can all muster 1% of her energy to move forward, we will be a force to reckon with.  I also met Nick Dawson, I should say rather – I stalked him from his Twitter picture.  It was great to meet him as well, he’s a Southerner – he even says “ya’ll”.  Of course, I dropped my ‘y’all’ when I was at Stanford – to pick up my California Valley-girl voice.  But his very slight accent was welcome music to my ears!  (read his story here: http://www.nickdawson.net/blog/on-joining-the-walking-gallery-a-patient-centered-movement/)

The speakers I attended were absolutely amazing, they were all PEOPLE first and messages second – and their messages were about passion.  It wasn’t abnormal for me to find them after their talks and thank them personally for their stories.  It was a welcome relief to hear so many patient stories, so many experience stories and so many of the “oh they get my journey” stories.

I have a PhD from Stanford Mechanical Engineering Design Division – I took graduate classes in Design for Manufacturability, Engineering Finance, Organizational Behavior, Ambidextrous Thinking, Product Design and probably others that I really enjoyed but can’t remember the names (like I do remember that I studied Nonlinear Optics, Near Field Scanning Optical Microscopes, and even German and Japanese).  The point of all of this, is my worlds keep colliding and although I’ve never worked “per se” as a designer — as I walk in the Healthcare system leading Alexis, I realize how broken our systems are from a human perspective (which was echo’ed in Jamie Heywood’s talk – CEO of PatientsLikeMe).  We have to put the human back into humane treatment in medicine – we have to look at the experiences people are having in the system (not just patients) but everyone, we have to put systems together that help people.  “LIKE YESTERDAY, DUDE!” (California girl rocking it….)


For those who haven’t heard of ambidextrous thinking: http://www.haakonfaste.com/fastefoundation/publications/ambidextrous_thinking.pdf




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