Help Fathers Celebrate – and Mothers and Families

In April 2012, I met Regina Holliday only briefly because she was super-busy painting at TEDMED.  In 2013, I started following her story more in depth and had the pleasure of hearing her powerful talk at HXD2013, entitled “…but a sword Art, Icons and Medical Advocacy”

I was amazed by her real life story, her passion and her will. I had the opportunity to talk to her afterwards and then the extreme pleasure of sitting beside her at dinner.

We shared laughs, raw stories and real passion. Her energy and drive is amazing.

When she started her Medstartr campaign, I would help as much as I could.  I noticed tonight when ePatient Dave reminded us of the deadline that it’s actually quite close to Father’s Day.

It had me brought back to the raw emotion of her story – how she is now a widow raising two children without their father.  I can not at this point in my life imagine how traumatic it is to watch your partner fight cancer but also to be left utterly unsupported by the medical world.  So on this Father’s Day – help Regina share the common story within us all.


Help Regina help all of us as we support our children, fight for rights for our spouses and support our parents.  The Walking Gallery can share our stories with the world and help really convert Healthcare into HealthCARE.  We must do it.  Join us.


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