Do you develop Superpowers?

I’m flattered and honored to be chosen to represent Philips in upcoming webinar:

The webinar topic will be  “Unlocking Your Unique Superpowers to Advance your Career”, and is intended to  promote Philips’ amazing employer stories more broadly to inspire others and drive industry advancements.

The session will focus on how you, as a career professional, have ‘superpowers’. Superpowers that have the potential to “wow” people. The hard part is unlocking these superpowers and using them as a means to advance your career in the directions to which you aspire. In the webcast we talk with Catherine and professional career coach Karl Staib (author of the career blog and book Work Happy Now), about the 3 key elements of a superpower so you get a better understanding of what your superpowers are, and how to unleash it in your career. We’ll also hear firsthand from Catherine on how she has successfully harnessed them in positive ways to create a more meaningful career for herself and her family here at Philips.

As with many people in the #S4PM community, sharing our stories has become a potent method to help change practice.  Inside of Philips, I’ve been able to help share my story – Alexis’ medical journey – and have positive impact on many people in the organization.  It is a personal mission meshed with tremendous amounts of passion. I know others on a similar journey have also found this same drive and energy (hence being up at 1:43am to tell you about it).  It’s my honor to share with others and hopefully inspire people to take the step to embark on their own journey.


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