Great Collisions

LightAide-smallestI hope to write more during the next 30 days, because it’s going to be fun to document what gets accomplished.  It’s going to be a fun and exciting month:

1) Kids are back at school.  Family re-sorts itself into normal school routine. Alexis is out of school during the entire month of August and with her medical needs, she can’t be dropped off at a daycare or signed up for camp.  It means a lot of juggling.

2) LightAide will launch.  Planned day is September 9, by writing it here – it will happen, right? 🙂 All is looking great.  But wow, it’s been an interesting journey – to build a product with two sectors of Philips, with Perkins School for the Blind, and frequently test the product on my daughters. It’s been a great and exciting experience, one that I could never have dreamed of when coming into Philips 4.5 years ago.  For fun, I’ll try to give updates occasionally here.  This is sort of ‘author’s discretion’ since it’s not truly an ePatient item – but the advocacy and persistence to bring a product to market for a low incidence disability like deafblind or low vision reminds me of the unique journey we are all on.

3) Speaking engagements.  September is awesome, if I can pull it all off!

Sept 16, Washington, DC: ePatient/Caregiver: ONC Consumer Health IT Summit Panel.

Sept 18, Natick, MA:  LightAide: “Lights for Learning” for Massachusetts Rehab Commission.

Sept 21, Boston, MA:  LightAide: “Expanding a child’s world with Light” in Abilities Expo.

Sept 29, Stanford, CA: ePatient/Caregiver: “Engaged, Equipped, Enabled and Empowered by LOVE” in Medicine X.

For some awesome professionals like Regina Holliday, Susannah Fox or ePatient Dave — this looks like a warm-up act. For me it’ll be a fun and awesome challenge!  Bring it on!


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