Water Works

Sitting on the island encompassing Boston Logan for my flight to Stanford’s Medicine X conference, my friend tweeted about his blog post.

I responded saying “is it ok to cry in the airport” and then another friend sent me her most touching blog post about a time 2 years ago when she was crying at the airport.

Thankful that I skip mascara in my rare morning make-up routine, I boarded the airplane and started to digest the beautiful Stanford ePatient Scholar eBook. After flying out over the Massachusetts Bay, our plane made the turn north and west for our destination. I happened to look up from my reading to look for my bearings.

I saw the mighty Merrimack River and started to identify landmarks – anticipating that I wouldn’t see anything of consequence – but I was able to locate my old work location, then following a little west from there – I could actually see our house, reminding me of the importance of my journey.  My family!

I was thrilled when the pilot interrupted our journey to announce that we were passing over Niagara Falls.  Usually, I’m on the wrong side of the plane or I don’t have a window seat.  But I could see it all – how there were protective barriers in the water in advance of the falls, how there was a canal to allow ships to bypass the Falls and the opening into Lake Ontario.



But after reading the stories in the Stanford ePatient Scholar eBook, I realized we all are the little droplets of water – in the Massachuseetts Bay, in the Merrimack River or in Niagara Falls – not particularly powerful on our own.
But united and on a mission, we are the force of Niagara Falls – a real force of landscape change. As we all journey to Stanford Medicine X, our droplets (some in forms of tears) will be there to revolutionize the healthcare landscape.Massachusetts Bay, in .



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