Compiled Stanford Medicine X Posts

linkCompilation of Blogs that I’ve found and read regarding Stanford Medicine X 2013 experiences!  Hope you enjoy.  Please contact me via Twitter @drcatherinerose if you want to add to this list, or feel free to comment below!

(…..these are in no particular order……)

Nick Dawson @nickdawson

Joyce Ho @TeawithMD

Doctors 2.0 @doctors20

Dr Heidi Roman @hkroman

Kevin Clauson @KevinClauson

Scope Med @ScopeMedBlog

Dr Tom Workman @DrWorkman

Chris Snider @iam_spartacus

Just Talking Podcast: Chris Snider @iam_spartacus & Sara Nicastro @saraknic

Sara Nicastro @saraknic

Leslie Schover

Nicholas Vu @nicholasvu

Karen Solis @karenasolis

Barbara Arnoldussen

Casey Quilan @mightycasey

Dr. Bertalan Meskó @Berci

Susannah Fox @susannahfox

Sarah Kucharski @AfternoonNapper

Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH @GeriTechBlog

Thomas M Lee @tmlfox

Katie McCurdy @KatieMcCurdy

Shirley Williams @williampearl

Joe Riffe @DirteMedic

Michael Weiss @HospitalPatient (includes 18 videos!)

Dr Ann Becker Schutte @drbeckerschutte

Roheet Kakaday @TheBiopsy

Emily’s Entourage @emilykg1

Kerri Sparling @sixuntilme

Carly Medosch @CarlyRM

Dr Natasha Burgert @doctornatasha

Anja Stagge @AStagge

Michael Seres @mjseres

Emily Bradley @ChronicCurve

Catherine Rose, PhD @drcatherinerose

Dr Leana Wen @DrLeanaWen

Brett Alder @AlderBrett

Catherine Cerisey @ cathcerisey

Giovanni Marsico @Giomarsi

Bryan Vartabedian, MD @Doctor_V

Molly and Scott from Consano @ConsanoMolly @ConsanoScott

Healthcare Leadership Blog #HCLDR

Alan Brewington @abrewi3010

Patients & Web @CathCerisey @Giomarsi

Richard Anderson @Riander

Melissa @710dot9

Jewels @She_Sugar

Kathy Kastner @KathyKastner


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