Wordle of Medicine X Blog Posts

MedX Wordle

Using Wordle software, I created a Word summary of all of the blogs about Stanford Medicine X experiences. Not a surprise to see the biggest words highlighted (patients/patient), I believe this summarizes what we all felt.

One of the phrases that I ‘noticed’ upon looking at this was juxtaposition of “just make time“.

Whether it be for:

  • attending Medicine X
  • reviewing the online content as it’s posted
  • scheduling that pushed-off / dreaded appointment
  • talking / engaging with a patient even with a rushed clinic schedule

Or how about these two phrases: “Share life now”  & “Doctors care

(Keep in mind, juxtaposition is meaningless in Wordle algorithms – it’s the size of the words that indicates frequency of usage — I just find looking for unintended meaning fun).

As well, Wordle works on words so video and photo content is lost in translation.  So you’ll just have to watch the Medicine X videos as they become available!


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