Zero to Breakthrough – Jump Start to Medicine X

On the journey out to MedX, I finished the book titled, “Zero to Breakthrough” by Vernice Armour.  It’s an outstanding read, portraying some of Vernice’s life journeys and her recommendations for ways to live a full and rewarding life.  Overall, it’s a quick read and very intuitive.


Given my experience with Alexis and where it has taken me until now, I wanted to highlight a small excerpt describing Mental Toughness (from pg.174).

Mental Toughness

Marines will train you to sharpen your psychological and physiological edge so that you can consistently handle high-pressure situations with confidence, knowledge and focus.  Mental Toughness enables us to:

–  dive into nasty circumstances with full force and confidence

–  Do whatever it takes to get the job done

–  Excel not despite, but because of, high pressure and unpredictable situations

–  Bounce back quickly after a setback and jump back in

– Produce results if the likelihood of success is low

– Remain unshakable through painful, grueling and stressful situations

I haven’t been a cop, in the army, in the Marines or a professional football player like Vernice. But from my life journey, I have a Mental Toughness that I also see in other caregivers and ePatients. Whether it’s an accident, a disease, a tough pregnancy, a hospitalization, a rare disease, a progressive disease – it takes a toll.  At MedX, I was naturally drawn to the stories from the other ePatient Scholars, for their mental toughness and their “dive into projects with full force and confidence.”  People often ask, “how do you manage it all? Do you make extra hours in the day?” I don’t think I’m exceptional, as I saw many who exhibited these same characteristics as Vernice describes, “excel in unpredictable situations, bounce back quickly, produce results, remain unshakable.”

Vernice also describes the concept of “Breakthrough Buddies” (or wingmans), people that have your back through thick and thin.  I will probably forget some of my friends here – but I will continue to add to the list- some of my ‘wingman’ ePatients that I met at Medicine X.

Alan Brewington @abrewi3010 Karen Solis @karenasolis
Brett Alder @AlderBrett Kathy Kastner @KathyKastner
Casey Quilan @mightycasey Katie McCurdy @KatieMcCurdy
Chris Snider @iam_spartacus Kerri Sparling @sixuntilme
Emily Bradley @ChronicCurve Melissa @710dot9
Emily’s Entourage @emilykg1 Michael Seres @mjseres
Erin Moore  @ekeeleymoore Michael Weiss @HospitalPatient
Hurt Blogger | Britt  @HurtBlogger Richard Anderson @Riander
Jasmine Wylie @coffeeandjoules Sara Nicastro @saraknic
Joe Riffe @DirteMedic Sarah Kucharski @AfternoonNapper

Are our situations the same? No, it’s welcome to see the variation in our experiences – but I think we share Mental Toughness. And for that, I’m happy to call them friends and family.


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