Innovation that Matters to You (or for this case, me)

Philips has launched a new brand promise: Innovation and You.

On “Why we innovate”:

At Philips, we don’t just innovate for technology’s sake. We innovate for your sake. We do this by understanding individual human needs. What makes a person happy…or healthy…or safe…or fulfilled.

This is a refresh of the Philips’ brand, but it’s not a change from what I’ve seen Philips able to do in my short time here.  I joined Philips in 2009 because Alexis’ medical journey. I felt compelled to join a company working to make great healthcare available to everyone. As some people know, ironically – I fell into a project with Philips LightAide-smallestLighting.  In combining my healthcare journey and Philips’ technology, we’ve launched LightAide.  LightAide works to help children with vision impairments to use their vision more.  Many of these children are motivated to look at lights, to interact with light and from what we are seeing – Learn from Light.  We’re not talking about the original Philips’ family light bulbs – we’re talking Philips Color Kinetics individually controllable multicolored LEDs.

For the past three months, with support from Philips and Perkins Products has been running Lily LightAide Backpacking event.  You can learn more about this program here:

Six families have been using LightAide at their homes, schools and with therapists.  Each story and each video will touch your lives. They indeed touch mine – these are moms and dads who finally have a device that is INNOVATION that MATTERS to THEM.  It’s innovation that lights a path forward for their child’s success.

Here are some direct quotes from these wonderful families (these are just short excerpts):

  • It has been one of the most profound devices Aly has ever worked with to entice interest and learning.
  • The LightAide takes advantage of the things Ava loves most, bright contrasting lights and movement. 
  • During our trial, not only did Cici benefit from it, but so did her classmates, and her teachers and therapists saw a lot of potential in it for multiple kids.
  • Since Cole is so stimulated by lights, winning the LightAide would be perfect for his ABATherapy that they do with him at school.
  • None of us have ever seen Leah respond to anything with such gusto and her interest has sustained over time.
  • Olivia was drawn in, engaged, motivated, and challenged.

Now it’s time for voting – one of these great families will receive a FREE LightAide. Please read their stories and vote here:

Voting closes on Sunday and the winner will be announced on Monday.  I am truly honored to be able to create innovation that matters to me and that matters to these great families and therapists for kids throughout the world.


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