2013 Year in Review

I believe where we have been shapes where we will move in the future.

I launched this blog on February 8, 2013 – Alexis’ 7th birthday. As we turn the new year, I am the wodgy* period of the winter. The period of time 8 years ago that I was carrying alive Alexis and dead Kaitlyn for eight long weeks of bedrest. Perhaps because of that, it always seems this time of year passes in slow motion or maybe it’s because I pass the time more introspectively than the remainder of the year.

So with that introspection, here are the top posts from 2013:

Compiled Stanford Medicine X Posts

“Engaged, equipped, enabled, and empowered by LOVE” for Stanford MedX

The Circles For My Child’s Survival

Wordle of the World of Healthcare Dreams

Voting Open on Blue Button Ideas!

The Journey to Resolution

Te Toca A Ti – It’s Your Turn

It’s nice to see a “calico cat” formed for 2013. People have commented that you have to experience me to understand who I am- that in passing I appear to be all over the place! In this case, I see these patterns:

– Aggregation: Compiled Stanford Medicine X PostsWordle of the World of Healthcare Dreams

– Reflections on 8 years of Medical Journey: “Engaged, equipped, enabled, and empowered by LOVE” for Stanford MedXTe Toca A Ti – It’s Your Turn

– Acute Interventions: The Circles For My Child’s SurvivalThe Journey to Resolution

– Building for the Future:  Voting Open on Blue Button Ideas!

I look forward to doing more of the same (& more) in 2014. I’m sure that others who read recognize that this is my ‘passion’ work. This is the work that I do in my spare bits of time (maybe the time-stamps of the blog posts give that away).  My full time work is supporting:  www.LightAide.com and other Healthcare Lighting Projects for Philips.

But I am already continuing to (see Schedule tab for more details):

Aggregate: #whatifhc data analysis with a great team of colleagues including Carly in Washington DC

Reflect: “Empower You: Lessons from a Medical Journey” in FCSN’s Vision of Community.

Build for the Future: MedStart with Hacking Medicine @ MIT with ONC Codeathon, Consumer Leader Program  at American College Medical Genetics Annual Meeting

Acute Interventions: Well, I just don’t know what these will be *yet*, but I’m sure Alexis and Jessica will keep me on my toes. 2013 was our first year without *any* surgeries for either kid. And the last time Alexis was hospitalized was June 2010 for her heart surgery, that’s 3 1/2 years!  And I think we’ve only been in the ER 2 times in that time. Perhaps that’s an idea for a 2014 post – how do we do it? How can Alexis have 18 different specialists and yet we avoid the hospital. I will find the time for these topics and others.

*wodgy: this is my made up word for the period of time between the time you are pregnant with 2 kids and 1 kid dies but is not delivered. this is not a medical term, this is not the official English language definition.



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