Good Reads

I am not as “present” in this Blog currently because of extended school vacation week (Alexis was planned to be out, but she is a good productivity assistant, Jessica was unplanned out because of the Blizzard – and she likes to control the agenda for the day).

Alas, I have been reading other people’s posts (some recent, some just new to me).  Hopefully you will enjoy the quilt of things that I have found relevant and interesting:

  • First 30+ years of my life, people might have characterized me as a control freak (maybe akind to what Seth Godin calls “accuracy minded”), but Alexis has taught me a whole lot about resiliency. I had a great working title of a book started last Winter/Spring, hopefully I can resurrect it and carve out time to create it in 2014.  Great observations in Seth Godin’s blog about accuracy, resilience and denial:

I’m sure this isn’t the end of great reading for 2014, but I felt like some of these were worth kicking off 2014.  Maybe something that I’ll write in 2014 will be “worthy” of including here sometime 🙂


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