Distracted Year – Happy March!

I’m still here!  Folks who see me on Twitter and Facebook know that I’m still alive.  And even the people at work at Philips know that I’m still alive because they see me in real life.

I’ve read several great articles and participated in great events during the past 2 months.  But between juggling kids, work, home life, blogging, travel and connection to other caregivers – sometimes things get dropped.  In the past two months, it’s been blogging. Sleep sometimes feels much more important – sorry!

Here’s some really awesome articles, for a variety of reasons as I’ll try to explain:

Book Review by Paul Levy:  I haven’t read the book but the excerpt that Paul includes really inspires me to read it. Barbara Kivowitz and Roanne Weisman target the changes in couples relationship when one is diagnosed with illness for their book  In Sickness As In Health: Helping couples cope with the complexities of illness.  I’m looking forward to quiet time to read their recommendations.

Four Horsemen of Mediocrity by Seth Godin: I’m sure Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) has hit on each of these points in many of his comics, in jest and fun. And we’ve heard it at work. But where we don’t need to hear it is from Doctors or teams of people trying to keep our loved ones alive. Best advice is be the leader and set the tone for the team. Your loved one will be better cared for if you can raise the conversation level. Make your situations better by being the leader.

Winning the Jackpot by JD Roth: JD started ‘Get Rich Slowly’ and now is writing on his own blog again. This blog is about the power of saying “Yes!” Last year, I had the honor to participate in a training class and I learned about the theory of “Yes, and” (brief synopsis here)

“The alternative is “No, but.”
You should note, however, that there is an important difference between “yes, and” and always agreeing with your collegues or leadership. Although you can always find something to align around as a starting place (ie, the point of “Yes, And” and the basis of a host of effective communication tools), it is important to get conflicting views on the table.”

Over the past 9 months, I’ve been using this and it’s been fabulous to experience life and work with a way to interact and embrace others. It’s also been nice like JD says to see the ripple effect in my life.

Hopefully March-> December will allow me to be here more frequently!!  Thanks friends!



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