Happy Edison Awards!

I had the honor of representing Philips this week at the Edison Awards. The awards were handed out during the Annual Gala in San Francisco. In the category of Learning Support & Behavior ChangeLightAide was awarded the Silver (second place).  Here is the Fancy award.

LightAide Edison Award

Philips HUE was also recognized with Silver Award in their category.

It’s a real honor to have my work recognized by such a distinguished panel of judges! I still really can’t express my excitement and amazement that ‘little me’ – Mom of Alexis could win a real Engineering Award!

People who know me, know “little me” isn’t really just about being Alexis’ mom – I do have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, but I’ve always worked in Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Finance and Product Management – so to have LightAide honored along side so many magnificent products and services, it’s truly an honor.

But the real beauty is that Edison is recognizing the process we went through to develop LightAide – the close connection with Alexis, the close connection with additional testers, the innovative team at Philips to accept the challenge and to work tirelessly to create a meaningful inspiring device.  LightAide wouldn’t be the product it is now without a lot of hard work.  And the hardest worker, by far, is my fighter daughter Alexis who is inspiring so many people everywhere.



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