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In September 2013, I helped launch an innovative lighting product. Who knew? It’s a quiet launch focused on a niche market – kids with visual impairments.

It’s called LightAide, manufactured by Philips and sold to the market by Perkins. We had a tremendous “Lily LightAide Backpacking Program” with

We knew the impact we would have on kids.  I had seen it myself in my own two children.  I was a believer.  What we’ve done in the past year is help to create even more believers – people who can see the cognitive capability of children interacting with LightAide.


“Olivia has never truly had a toy that she has been attracted to enough to remember to play with.  When she came home from school the other day, the first thing that she did was run to the LightAide. Cognitively, this modality had such an impact on her that she remembered.  Wow, I have no words.  I possibly just witnessed a miracle!” –Anna, Olivia’s mom

“Aly loved the LightAide immediately! She was very drawn to the light and movement. The switches helped with her purposeful movement by utilizing cause and effect. Using the LightAide has been an eye opener for me. I have seen the LIGHT. Lights are the key to unlocking my daughter’s learning potential.” –Brittany, Aly’s mom


We believe that LightAide’s success needs more believers. We’ve applied for a panel at 2015 SXSWedu to share our story, “Revealing Cognitive Ability in Visually Impaired”. We’re confident we have prepped a fascinating talk with great presenters – we’re really excited!  One small little catch, we need your vote before September 4.


We’d love to have your help!



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