What if Today’s Technology could be Alexis’ uniquevoice?

What if these “A-a-a-a” sounds could turn into a sentence that Alexis could speak?

Did you know we have the technology to do that?  To synthesize together a ‘donor voice’ to Alexis’ natural capabilities?  TODAY, my friends.

VocaliD was started by TED talker Rupal Patel who fascinates the world with her research, now bringing that research to reality. Her work will change how Alexis interacts, giving her a voice that sounds unique and custom to her ears – not something out of sci-fi / computerized processing of a generic voice.  Rupal and her team at VOCALiD will create a voice for Alexis to change her A-a-a-a sounds to the voice of Alexis we’ve never heard before.

You can help:

a) Please share! Contributions through VocaliiD Indiegogo Campaign $$ welcome (deadline June 23)
b) Please share! Need Recipients (people using speech generating devices) to sign up and purchase before June 23 – a tremendously discounted offer – $1000 instead of costs upwards of $20,000!
c) Please share! One day you might need this technology, but today kids like my daughter need it!

Help in anyway you can to share this information, VocaliD needs your help to raise awareness and make this research a reality for so many with speech disorders!


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